Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ATMs, Piggy Banks and me

I jingle the coins in my pocket, I know I have only a few.
Is it going to be an ice-cream or the new locket; definitely something new!

Such moments are very rare, when I have little money to spend without a care.
Times have changed and how! It's nothing like only adults can handle money.

I see a toddler clutching a wallet, his mother is trudging far behind.
His hands can barely reach the slot. But he knows what to put to get cash in hand!

Stands at the atm slot next to me, can't believe what I see. Punches in numbers faster than my eyes can fathom; raises his toes, gets cash in a jiffy and is out before I'm done!


  1. Times have changed indeed and changing faster day by day .. not sure for good or bad though .. :-(

  2. Lol those whom we call toddlers have grown faster than us..

  3. On a (strictly) lighter note, have a look here:

    At times those machines can goof up :)

  4. i like the piggy bank pic :D